1plusX, an IT company from Switzerland gave us a task of creating a series of client tutorials for their IT platform. They delivered the recordings of their employees, and general guidelines. Our job was to enhance the recordings, create the tutorials with animated graphics and manually created captions.


Video recordings from the client were mostly low res and/or poor quality. The sound quality of the videos was also extremely bad. Captions had to be manually synchronized with the video. We had about a month to complete 52 videos, each approximately 3-5 minutes in length. 


We used software for AI video enhancement to increase the resolution. Then we did the post production on the recordings in order to improve the overall quality.

Sound was cleaned up from noise, and processed to give an adequate quality and volume.

Captions were added carefully so they are completely synched with the video.

Finally we added animated graphics and effects to finalize the video.


As a final result we got a clean and professional series of tutorials in a record time. Considering the extremely low quality of most of the material, the client was more than happy.